Root on an HTC EVO 4G!

UPDATE: We (ozzeh, joshua, shadowmite and I) just put the teaser site together for the EVO root. More info coming soon!

I ended up with a Sprint HTC EVO 4G after Google I/O. It’s a pretty fantastic phone, even though it’s something of a kitchen sink. By a happy coincidence, I ended up reconnecting with some of my buddies from the old mobile hacking days who were looking to root it. With a few hours effort and a three person team (credit to ozzeh and Joshua Wise!), we managed to get the standard su tool installed.

This sort of disassembly and hacking really brought back memories. Shadowmite introduced me to mobile phone hacking back in the day. Back then we were doing stuff like porting Linux to the device and hacking the bootloader.

In any case, here’s some screenshots. We’re not releasing any details on the root hack yet:

At this time, we believe that this specific exploit cannot be applied to Incredible.

You can find me on twitter as @mmastrac

43 Responses to “Root on an HTC EVO 4G!”

  1. Stericson says:

    I would really like to test this if youd care to email me some instructions :)

  2. Brian says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to the developments on this project. Thanks for getting back to your roots. (No pun intended.)

  3. efuse says:

    what’s the release plan? june 4th release?

  4. mytharak says:

    Please share the details if you really have root. Anyone can make an app called ‘superuser permissions’ and put it on the device. Show me the # prompt. I’m calling BS on this until I see better proof.

  5. IncredibleDoes says:

    I am willing to risk my Incredible for testing or anything to obtain root on my Incredible, let me know… email posted!

  6. Dylan Andersen says:

    Yeah, no reason not to want to share the details. Show us a command prompt, please.

  7. apristel says:

    How about an actual photo of the device with root?
    I can make those pictures in paint.

    but.. I really hope that this is legit. If it is, congrats, you are a scholar.

  8. Mack says:

    I really would love to get the details on this as well. Share please!

  9. Jay says:

    congrats on the great work. thanks!

  10. N@p0le0n says:

    Woohoo. You got the community pumped now. Good work and welcome back to the scene

  11. Mack says:

    I have an Evo right now as well…if you need a tester, send me the directions and I’m happy to help ([email protected]). I obviously won’t share. Thanks!!

  12. bobby says:

    GREAT WORK!!! dont listen to these people dont tell any details until the phone is released so that way htc doesnt fix it lol

    • Mack says:

      LOL. HTC doesn’t care about “fixing” it. We’re not talking about the game of cat and mouse that Apple plays with the jailbreak community. This is OPEN SOURCE. They will release it when they want anyhow. I will enjoy my Evo (right now) regardless of root, but root will make it that much more fun and customizable.

      • scottspa74 says:

        htc may not care about “fixing” it, but I assure you Sprint does, and will pressure htc to act. PLEASE, DO NOT RELEASE ANY INFO untio after launch.

        • Mack says:

          You couldn’t be any more incorrect. Sprint won’t do a damn thing just like other carriers won’t. I can understand holding off on releasing the method until the devs works out the kinks…that makes sense. I just hope it comes soon.

          • josh says:

            are you kidding me? Sprint fix it? it took them how long to release 2.1?

            I think it would take them that long just figure out that there was even a root possible. Sprint isn’t exactly the fastest acting company from past experiences when it comes to software.

          • Bud Green says:

            My girl works for sprint and let me assure you they don’t care to stop the rooting as it is open source. That being said if you root your phone and you brick it you no longer have a warranty on that device and you now need to figure out how to fix it on your own or buy a new one at full price. I agree however you shouldnt release anything public till june 4th(tomorrow) and why would it matter most of us dont even have one yet….. take care all!!

  13. rekphiv says:

    w00t. Nice work guys. please release asap :)

  14. meme says:

    ROCK the f on.

  15. til says:

    As an Evo owner who’s anxious to get to work porting over AOSP 2.2, I look forward to hearing more details.

  16. David Wallace says:

    I have no reason to doubt you. I would love for this to be true and nothing about this surprises me. Google gave this phone to 5000 people, many of whom were devs of varying abilities. The Incredible however is a device that, to me, is not special and has no special draw for the best minds. Most expensive nickle and dimed network in the market is Verizon.. They charge for everything, but I digress. Thank you Matt.

  17. ab500 says:

    Great work guys! I’m getting mine the 4th and I’m excited to see what comes of this exploit!

    • ab500 says:

      As a side note… if you do post a howto consider going into the details of the process that lead you to root. The exploration and reverse engineering absolutely fascinate me and a log of you guys’ path to root would make for a very interesting read.

  18. mytharak says:

    Ok, I believe you. I suppose worrying about them patching the hole is a valid concern, but I wouldn’t. I eagerly await the juicy details and my own # prompt.

  19. Joe says:

    Great work. It would be great to release details so that we can begin working on ROMs for the phone (before the phone is even released!) I know why you’re not releasing details, but at this point, do you really think they can turn around in 10 days — fixing the exploit at kernel level, test the fix thoroughly, AND reflash all EVOs before shipping them out?

    • Mack says:

      Agreed. HTC is not concerned with patching something like that because they know that we will always find a way to root our phones. So, please stop with all the comments of “don’t release details, they’ll fix it!!” You’re just saying that because you don’t have the device yet…:)

  20. James says:

    Most of these release phones have already been package and shipped. There is no way HTC/Sprint will try to stop people from rooting. They haven’t done anything to prevent it on any other phone why would they start now.

  21. Awesome, I can’t wait until some custom ROM’s come out! I posted a front page news article about your work on our site. Thanks!

  22. jigglywiggly says:

    Come on release the exploit it is already way too later them to fix it I want my phone rooted naoow

  23. Matt says:

    Could this exploit work with the droid eris?

  24. spary says:

    Woohoo! thanks to toastcfh at XDA-Dev… this bad boy already has froyo!!

  25. 1UcN3d says:

    Wow! Good look’n out! When will the instruct be available to users and wil it allow me to Wifi connect the 8 devices with or without usb?

  26. root says:

    Releasing it anytime today?

  27. spoken says:

    Question: What are the implications of getting access to the root? More user control, can modify software adn enhace the deivce. So how’s his a security issue?

    My understanding is that the end user has more access to the’s that a bad thing?

    • Joe says:

      It’s a bad thing for sprint because they want to charge people 30 bucks a month for using the phone as an access point.

  28. 1UcN3d says:

    Now, that the phone is out what is the release date for the root instructions? Do you plan to share that info with the world?

  29. Alex Sanchez says:

    Hi! this htc EVO looks amazing!!! i’m really wanting to get this fone, i think the android OS is by far more good than the iOS IMO so i guess thats the telly for me :)