unrEVOked: painless EVO root teaser

UPDATE: Sprint just pushed an OTA update for these phones that may patch the root hole we’re using. Don’t install any OTA updates yet if you want root!

We (ozzeh, joshua, shadowmite and I) just put the teaser site together for the EVO root. More info coming soon!

http://unrevoked.com, Twitter: @unrevoked

Painless root for your HTC EVO 4G.

16 Responses to “unrEVOked: painless EVO root teaser”

  1. pingpongboss says:

    NICE. Looking forward to it.

  2. Jeff says:

    Can. not. wait.

  3. Sin City says:

    The day you purchase your phone, the same it’ll get rooted? God I love Android!!!! Props Grack squad.

  4. Brian says:

    Awesome look. Are you aware of the people working toward the same goal over in xda-developers?

  5. jigglywiggly says:

    Why not release it now? I assume the crack is already made.

  6. GD says:

    It’s easier to do it this way though if it’s a one-click application.

  7. You’re a first-rate hero, Matt. Keep up the great work.

  8. jeff says:

    What timezone? I’m refreshing unrevoked frantically.

  9. Saepak says:

    Must be PDT, because I still don’t have anything new. Bummer….

  10. Viperfiend07 says:

    when???? what time zone?

  11. danny says:

    hey matt i installed the ota update on the evo and im willing to help to gain root access for all of us i sent u an email not sure if u got it. lets get this baby rooted!

  12. jeff says:

    You guys do amazing work. Keep it up, I hope to see more great EVO exploits.

  13. Anthony H. says:

    Unfortunately, I updated by rooted EVO with the new Sprint update. What can i do to root my phone again so I can get free tethering. If my wife haven’t updated phone, can I use her SD card and reinstall unrevoked and still get free tethering or am I doomed? thanks for your help.