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Google+ upcoming feature discoveries: Google Experts, the Facebook wall and more

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I was snooping around the Google+ source code, trying to get early access to the new circle sharing feature when I came across some interesting features that haven’t been discovered yet.

The first feature is pretty small and looks akin to Facebook’s wall, letting users write on each other’s profile without showing the post in the timelines of other users:

The second one is far more interesting. It looks like there’s a new product brewing inside Google named “Google Experts”. The product looks sounds like a version of Quora, letting you post questions and gather answers. Questions work like posts do today: you can mention other users, comment on them and share them.

Another interesting takeaway from this code dive: it looks like the Google+ team is working on ensuring the product works on Google Apps domains. The message that notifies you that Google Experts has been enabled has a placeholder for the domain. I imagine that this might be currently running on the hosted domain. :)

I’ve also found the start of a new profile privacy wizard. With a bit of code wrangling, you can get it to pop up on your profile page. The Google+ team is obviously working on matching some of Facebook’s more streamlined privacy controls:

Finally, I’ve come across the wisps of Google Voice integration on your Google+ profile. I haven’t figured out what this will look like yet, but it appears to give visitors an option to call you from the webpage without revealing your phone number (like the existing Google Voice widgets):

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