ENEL555 Lab3 Gallery

MPEG animation produced from raytracer and Berkeley mpeg_encode package.

Screenshots from the program control panel, the GL output and the equivalent ray-traced version.

8 spheres and an ellipsoid rendered from the OpenGL program. No reflection or refraction on the green spheres, but the red ellipsoid is transparent.

8 sphere and an ellipsoid, this time rendered with full refraction in each object.

Our interpretation of Dr. Wywill's train.

Demonstration of refractive objects, including caustics and tinted shadows from transparency.

A big demo of reflection, refraction caustics, multiple light sources and nice shadows. Getting the normals right on ellipses translated, rotated and scaled is a big pain, but as you can see, it works here.

Copyright 1999 by Matthew Mastracci and Luigi Iuliano. All rights reserved.