The next alpha release (0.2) of nprof is currently in development. The exciting new feature in this release is Visual Studio integration.

By installing this VS.NET add-in, you will be able to enable profiling for your .NET projects from within the environment!

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The nprof 0.2 alpha release is now available! Some of the new features include:

  • More accurate numbers for total time %
  • Correctly handles exceptions thrown
  • GUI allows working directory and arguments to be specified
  • Namespace filter to filter timing info by specific combinations of namespaces
  • Basic VS.NET add-in

The VS.NET add-in is very basic right now and has some issues with VS.NET stealing focus. This will be enhanced in future versions. See the README.TXT file for more information.

Main window:

VS.NET add-in:

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I’m trying to import the nprof source into CVS as we speak, but I think the Sourceforge servers are down. This may have to wait a day or two. There is currently a source zip snapshot on the Files page for interested parties to take a look at.

Update - whadayaknow? I managed to get it uploaded.

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