Scoble’s link blog posts an excerpt from the article, then seems to pick one of the links from within the article as the “More…” item.  There’s no way to read the full article!

I’m not sure that the blog is too useful for original-content (versus external linking) articles. 

This is an excerpt from one of my posts on his link blog:

.NET Desktop Apps - Slow & Bloated (from:

I’ve got a couple of .NET desktop apps running on my work system (with a gig of RAM nonetheless) and it seems like they are always the applications that are sucking up the most memory. …More

Posted by scoble at 10:32 PM

There’s no way to read my the text of my article from there - it picked up the reference to Draco.NET that I placed in the post, but won’t let anyone visit my blog to read what I said. :)

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