Getting my scanner up and running was easy enough.  The strange part of the whole ordeal is that the RPMs for SANE place all of the config files in /etc/sane.d, but the executables are all looking in /etc!  I noticed that the RPM was from the yoper repository - it doesn’t seem to be a core Fedora package.  After looking at it more carefully, I think I managed to install a package that doesn’t really fit my installed Fedora Core 2 at all.

I managed to fix it for now by creating a “sane” entry in /etc/profile.d that sets SANE_CONFIG_DIR globally.  Note that this whole thing is not really a huge deal- I imagine that it would work “out of the box” with a standard Fedora install.  I’m a little too impatient to wait for Fedora Core 3 and its updated version, however.

If you’re curious, this is the shell script to place in /etc/profile.d:

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