Gotta give IE7 some serious Google juice.  This has got to be one of the most important hacks of the IE5-6 era.  Even after understanding what the magic Javascript does, I’m still amazed that it manages to fix so many of the rendering bugs IE.  At some point I’m going to scrap my IE-specific workarounds for this site and just use proper CSS and the IE7 patch for those unfortunately souls stuck with Internet Explorer.

Note that IE7 won’t fix every problem with IE, but it certainly picks off the major ones (lack of position: fixed, inability to specify right: and left: at the same time, etc.).  If I have some time, I might try to get my own hack to fix <textarea style="height: 100%;"> for CSS strict mode in IE.  I suppose it might be time to revisit my Design for Firefox, Hack for IE article and replace it with a “Design for Firefox, Use IE7 for IE” one instead.

To be fair to Microsoft, my big CSS issue with Mozilla is the lack of support for display: inline-block in Mozilla/Firefox.  Once bug 9458 is fixed, we can stop using the “display: -moz-inline-box” hack to work around it.

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