I’ve had a chance to play around with Fedora Core 4 for a week and it’s turning out to be one of the best Fedora releases out-of-the-box.

It doesn’t look much different that Fedora Core 3 did.  The biggest changes under the hood are the updates to the Xorg and kernel packages, as well as compiling everything for GCC 4.0.  My desktop looks identical to the one that Fedora Core 3 showed me, with the exception of the new “Places” and “Desktop” menus - the two new top-level menus that come from the latest Gnome iteration.

The only kinks I’ve encountered were apt not working without a tweak (adding Apt::State::FirstRun "false"; to the apt.conf file) and some packages not being available in the 3rd-party repositories that I normally use.

I give this release a hearty thumbs-up.

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