After seeing Typo on a few high-profile blogs, I’m considering making the switch to a different blog engine.  I’m hoping this will help me post more often than I do.

Switching to a new blog system is tough when you consider the problem of legacy blog posts.  Thankfully, I can probably use mod_rewrite to archive my older posts without having to worry about importing them into the new blog system. 

With any luck, I’ll be able to jam my current site template into Typo and have a seamless switchover.

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Just got myself a Treo 650 last week off Ebay.  It’s an aftermarket-unlocked, Cingular-branded phone, about $100 cheaper than purchasing an unlocked GSM phone directly from palmOne.

This device is very cool.  It supports a form of dial-up-over-USB through its virtual serial port.  Under Linux, I just need to point pppd at the /dev/ttyUSB0 device and the device gets itself a nice internet connection:

pppd /dev/ttyUSB1 : ms-dns nodetach proxyarp

If you’re running Windows, it looks like Softick’s PPP client does the same thing.

It also includes support for syncing and surfing over Bluetooth. I’ll probably end up purchasing a little Bluetooth USB adapter so I don’t need to fiddle with cables to have it sync.

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I went looking for something like this a few months ago but I seemed to miss the USB-over-IP project over at Sourceforge.  This project implements a virtual USB stack on one side that receives USB events from another system.

This would be a great project to combine with a Linksys NSLU2: a USB-over-IP server for less than $100.

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