Last night’s hacking progress was targeted at getting the SD/MMC driver up and running. Since the PXA27x platform has built-in SD/MMC support, it’s just a matter of setting up the SD/MMC communication GPIOs (clock, data, command channel) and locating the GPIOs for detecting SD card insertion events and read-only status.

I haven’t managed to get the SD card driver working on my phone, but I think it has something to do with my SD card. One of the testers on the IRC channel got it to mount his 512MB high-speed SD card correctly.

The problem is that the data received from the SD card seems to fail its CRC check. The errata for the PXA platform indicates that there might be trouble with some SD cards at certain speeds. Since the card works fine in PalmOS and the bootloader, I’m guessing that I might just need to add a retry or delay at some point until the SD card is ready to go.

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