Looks like posting works fine but the first post was doubled. It seems a little more friendly than using the markup editor in Typo. I might stick with this instead!

UPDATE: This post didn’t get doubled up. Strange! Maybe it has something to do with me testing the blog connection.

UPDATE #2: BTW, editing posts works fine.

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Eclipse has a new Remote System Explorer plugin that sounds interesting.

It’s an interesting approach. One type of connection is just a wrapper over SSH and SFTP, allowing you to manage systems remotely and edit files without much work. You can also get a command prompt up for more advanced administration.

The other type of connection allows you to run a full-featured java application on the server that gives you access to more functionality. I haven’t tried this one out yet.

You can read more about this feature in the RSE presentation.

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Saw V for Vendetta for the second time. Bought it this time.

It has the same mood that the original Matrix movie had. Recommended!

The intention of the plot is certainly obvious and the message of control by fear isn’t obfuscated.

This, of course, reminds me of the nagging question: why is there a “green” on the colour-coded terror alert if they are never going to use it?

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UPDATE: The author of portaPuTTy has updated his build with the font fix as well. Excellent! I recommend going with his version - it’s more likely to be supported.

I rebuilt a portable version of PuTTy using the latest 0.58 release.  It correctly saves font information (a shortcoming of the current portaPuTTy) and has all the updated security and bugfixes of 0.58.

I’ve also packaged up all the PuTTy executables (paegent, pscp, etc.) so that you can easily use them portably as well.  Note that all of the executables will load configuration files from $EXEPATH\.putty\configuration.

(download links no longer available)

For those who want to know what I changed, here’s a quick summary:

  • Moved the unix storage backend into the windows storage backend, since it has all the code we need

  • Added a BSD Win32 “dirent.h” and “dirent.c” implementation
  • Changed the code to look in the EXE’s path (via GetModuleFilePath(NULL)) instead of $HOME
  • Added the Win32 font load/save code
  • Hacked the Makefiles manually to add dirent.obj (out of sheer laziness ;))

There’s no patch available, but those instructions will reproduce the exact build I provided from the latest SVN or source packages.

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