I read all I my feeds through Google Reader. Of all the RSS readers, it is the cleanest and most convenient to use. When I started reading feeds on a mobile device, I was happy to see that the Reader team had put some effort into creating a fantastic mobile experience as well.

There are a couple of minor issues with the product:

  1. When reading feeds with a large number of unread items, you need to manually select an item to load the next batch of items. I prefer the infinite scrolling style of feed reading, where new items are automatically loaded as you scroll to the bottom. Since the additional items are appended to the list that has already loaded, why not just load these automatically?
  2. There’s no way to mark a whole tag as read without viewing its stream of aggregated items. There is an option to add a new feed at the tag level, but this is something I do far less often than marking a category as read.
  3. After I mark a feed (or a whole tag) as read, it would be great if it could bring me back up one level. I’m always going through the actions of “mark as read”, then hitting the back button– I’d love to save a tap here.

Overall, Reader mobile is a great product and I’m glad I have it. I can’t wait until DOM storage or Gears is available on mobile Safari so I can bring all my feeds with me without incurring mobile data use.

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