I’ve been following the story of Pixel Qi for some time.  I bought an OLPC during the first G1G1 event and I’ve been impressed with the screen’s visibility and low-cost construction.  On top of that, it can turn into a black-and-white, e-ink-like screen with minimal power draw using the same individual pixels it uses for color display, but at 3x the resolution.

Check out the comparison between the Kindle’s e-ink screen, a regular laptop and the new 3Qi screen below. I’ve always been somewhat irritated by the inverted flash of most ebook readers - probably the reason I’ve been avoiding buying them for the last few years. An interesting factoid from the video: some touchscreen technologies can absorb 50% of your screen’s brightness!

(via techvideoblog)

UPDATE: I just found an interesting video on OLPC News, saying that “… the new Pixel [Qi] screen has actually evolved past the OLPC screen, to the point where it is not longer even using the XO laptop display technology.”

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