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I’ve been looking into the security of rssCloud over the last few days and a number of serious issues have come up. The ones of immediate importance have been reported and fixed, but I’d like to suggest some protocol changes to prevent rssCloud servers from DoS’ing sites or ending up DoS’ing each other.

Here are my implementor guidelines, based on the research over the last few days. These guidelines should mitigate all of the problems I’ve found so far without requiring rssCloud subscribers to make major changes to their code:

  1. An rssCloud implementation MUST validate that the Content-Type of the POST is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
  2. All rssCloud parameters MUST be read from the body of the HTTP POST (ie: $_POST in PHP or equivalent in other languages). Parameters in the querystring must be ignored.
  3. The path parameter for the callback path MUST begin with a /.
  4. The port parameter, if specified, must be converted to an integer value before constructing the callback URL with it. Any trailing non-digit characters must cause the hub to return a 5xx error.
  5. The subscription callback and all subscription pings MUST include a “challenge” parameter (inspired by PubSubHubbub). The subscriber MUST respond with a response that contains the contents of that challenge parameter as the body of the response. No additional information may appear in the body.

I haven’t taken a look at the SOAP/XML-RPC parts of the protocol yet, but the extra framing should help make them more secure. Someone more familiar with those technologies should run those through their paces.

Feel free to contact me with any rssCloud hub implementation you might have and I’ll run my battery of tests against it.

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