UPDATE (Jan 6, 2010): The Chrome team has turned on extensions on Mac in the latest dev channel build. Even better, you can install directly from extension pages without this bookmarklet. Hooray!

We just officially launched our extension on the Chrome extension gallery today and Mac users are having trouble installing the extension. The ‘Install’ button for Chrome extensions is disabled if you are running on a Mac.

You can manually download extensions from the Google download site using a URL like so:

The bolded part of the URL above is the extension’s public ID (a hash of the public key).

Here’s a bookmarklet that’ll re-enable the button and allow you to download the extension. It recreates the download URL from the current page you are viewing:

Enable Extension Install

Try it out on the DotSpots extension page here. Click the bookmarklet and the Install button will be activated.

UPDATE: I removed the lang=en-US part of the URL. Some extensions fail to load with that attribute in place.

Note that you’ll need an extension-supported build. The next developer channel build should support it. If you are too anxious to wait, you can install the latest Chromium build from here:

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