I signed up for a Balanced Copyright for Canada account to see what sort of astroturfing points they had in their “Daily Action Items” section. My account was deleted shortly after taking these screenshots.

You can see that they instruct their members to swarm any anti-Bill-C32 articles as well as engaging anyone who retweets them. Members are instructed to support any pro-Bill-C-32 articles or comments.

While the screenshots here are copyrighted by the owner of, I believe that I have a fair dealing defence for publishing them here for analysis.

The Purpose of the Dealing Is it for research, private study, criticism, review or news reporting? It expresses that “these allowable purposes should not be given a restrictive interpretation or this could result in the undue restriction of users’ rights.” In particular, the Court gave a “a large and liberal interpretation” to the notion of research, stating that “lawyers carrying on the business of law for profit are conducting research”.

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