This program was originally written to help me get data off my HP-48 calculator. The executable has been on Simtel for a number of years.

At one point, I traded a license to use the program perpetually for a 2MB card for my HP-48 with a company that wrote HP-48 software. It was definitely worth it.

Here’s the original Simtel announcement:

HP-Kermit allows you to quickly and easily connect your HP48G/S to your PC and transfer files, without having to upload any special libraries or programs to the calculator. It connects with the internal Kermit server in the calculator and send various commands. Using HP-Kermit, you can view and navigate the directory structure, send and receive files, execute commands at an interactive “stack” and log activity to a file. This program makes transferring anything to the calculator much easier, as you don’t have to start up Windows (for Terminal) or something like Telemate each time you want to transfer file.

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