I’ve managed to replace the built-in IE control in SharpReader with a nice, fast Mozilla ActiveX control.  There’s a few easy steps to follow to get this working:

  1. Stop SharpReader.
  2. Download and install the Mozilla ActiveX control: MozillaControl.exe (5 MB).
  3. Rename the file AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll to AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll.old.
  4. Extract the new AxInterop.SHDocVw.dll file from here: (download no longer available) (11 KB).

That’s it- when you start SharpReader, you’ll see a nice Mozilla window instead of IE.  To test if it works, right-click the page and select “Properties”.  You’ll see a Mozilla-style window like this if everything worked:

Can you tell this application is running Mozilla?  :)

Please note that this officially a hack and is not supported by either myself or Luke Hutteman.  Have fun!

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