I’ve decided to take the plunge and switch RSS readers. I was using SharpReader at work under Windows and Liferea at home under Linux. Neither reader met my needs very well. I found that SharpReader was a big memory hog and suffered from the general heaviness of most client-side .NET applications. Liferea at home was fast and supported the page-per-blog model, but it was somewhat crashy.

Starting today, I’m using the Sage RSS Reader at home and work for my RSS reading. It’s a firefox plugin, so I can use Adblock to block those annoying feedburner ads in some of the feeds that I read.

Sage is very fast and the integration with Firefox is a big plus for me. I enjoy having tabbed browsing available with the feed items (something not available in SharpReader). Another plus is that it stores the RSS feed list in my bookmarks list, allowing me to use an extension like Syncmarks to keep my feed list synchronized between work and home.

There’s an active wiki for the Sage community where you can find stylesheets for your feed list and GreaseMonkey scripts. Who would have thought that you could use Greasemonkey scripts in your RSS reader?

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