From a suggestion in one of asa’s posts, I just took a quick look at Forumzilla.  My first impression is that it’s a pretty cool concept - it would allow me to reduce my number of running applications by one.  I’ve been running SharpReader for some time and it’s certainly a memory hog, especially when you get a fair number of feeds in it. 

Forumzilla has a different concept than SharpReader, however.  Instead of each feed having its own, individual, leaf-type folder, Forumzilla lets you pick one of your mail folders to drop a particular feed in.  While this is a cool concept, I think I would prefer to have something similar to the new bookmark manager for handling the feeds:

I’d imagine that you would display the available folders on the right without feeds and have the folders on the right contain the actual feed locations.  You could drag and drop the feeds to the existing mail folders on the left and right side, allowing you to quickly add and organize new feeds.

What do you think?

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