After installing Mozilla Thunderbird yesterday, all I can say is “wow!”  Not only is the look ultra-slick and refreshing, but it’s so fast that it really does deserve to be alongside an amazing browser like Firefox.  They’ve done such a great job that people nearby just start using it without even saying anything.

Before Thunderbird I wasn’t willing to push the Mozilla mail client on anyone.  I was using it before and, while it was fast, it looked like a relic of the Netscape 4.0 days.  As well, you needed to match it with the Mozilla browser.  Also fast, but not an end-user polished package.

Thanks to mscott and the rest of the Thunderbird team, however, it has been transformed into a modern, polished mail client.  It even fits seamlessly into XP, something I find that Office 2003 doesn’t do well.

The build I’m using at work is their latest “weekly build”.  So far it’s been smooth sailing.  Alongside Firefox (with its Google bar, ad-blocking and tabbed browsing), I’ve got a couple of amazing productivity tools that Outlook could never beat.

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