I’ve been surfing with Firefox 1.0 for a few days and it absolutely rocks.  Some of the really cool stuff:

  • Anti-phising protections for user:pass URL sites.  IE manages this by stripping off passwords while Firefox still allows you to visit:

  • The “find as you type” bar comes up as you’re searching, instead of using the window’s status bar:

  • You can now show blocked popups:

  • I don’t know if this feature is from the Web Developer toolbar or Firefox itself, but holding down shift gives you useful mouseover tooltips on links:

  • Firefox detects embedded RSS links, offering you the chance to subscribe:

  • “Read mail” is now available from the Firefox tools menu (and as an optional toolbar icon):

  • You can now install components from the updates dialog.  Very cool!

I keep finding new and funky features in Firefox that have been added for 1.0.  This release is going to absolutely rock.

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