I’ve been doing bits of work here and there on the cabinet.  Here’s my revised phase one to-do list with completed items crossed out (they may not appear crossed-out in my RSS feed).  Stuff that I decided not to do, or decided to modify or added since the last list is in red:

Stage One: Construction

  • Round cabinet corner sides (won’t be doing this).
  • Attach 2x4’s to sides of cabinet for all edges, monitor and speaker/marquee shelves.
  • Construct strong monitor shelf from already-cut wood and 2x4’s.
  • Attach cabinet sides to base, using 2x4s to connect sides together.
  • Install cabinet front using Blum hinges and key lock. (decided not to put hinges on the front, just screwed it in)
  • Install cabinet back with Blum hinges and key lock.
  • Cut 45-degree angles on cabinet back diagonal piece.
  • Install cabinet top and back diagonal piece.
  • Cut T-moulding groove with router and slot-cutting bit.
  • Install T-moulding.
  • Cut 45-degree angle for control panel back.
  • Cut groove and install T-moulding on control panel.
  • Assemble control panel, using blum hinges and draw hasp for top.
  • Install drawer slides in cabinet and control panel, attach control panel to cabinet.

I’ve done some of the T-moulding grooves and installation, but I’ll leave it as unfinished until I get around to putting it in entirely.

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