Okay, gotta make myself a checklist so I can finish this project up in a reasonable amount of time.  It looks like a lot, but I can usually take out a number of these in a day.

Did I mention that a MAME cabinet requires a huge amount of commitment?

Stage One: Construction

  • Round cabinet corner sides (optional).
  • Attach 2x4’s to sides of cabinet for all edges, monitor and speaker/marquee shelves.
  • Construct strong monitor shelf from already-cut wood and 2x4’s.
  • Attach cabinet sides to base, using 2x4s to connect sides together.
  • Install cabinet front using Blum hinges and key lock.
  • Install cabinet back with Blum hinges and key lock.
  • Cut 45-degree angles on cabinet back diagonal piece.
  • Install cabinet top and back diagonal piece.
  • Cut T-moulding groove with router and slot-cutting bit.
  • Install T-moulding.
  • Cut 45-degree angle for control panel back.
  • Assemble control panel, using blum hinges and draw hasp for top.
  • Install drawer slides in cabinet and control panel, attach control panel to cabinet.

Stage Two: Installation/Wiring

  • Purchase 25” or 27” inch TV (possibly Sony Wega).
  • Order buttons, joysticks, coin box, marquee light, marquee retainer from Happ Controls.
  • Order Opti-Pac, i-Pac, joysticks and trackball from Ultimarc.
  • Order spinners and spinner tops from Oscar Controls.
  • Cut coin box hole in cabinet front.
  • Install coin box.
  • Drill speaker holes above display.
  • Drill control and joystick holes in cabinet top.
  • Test-install all controls, make sure everything is correct, remove controls.
  • Sand, prime and paint all cabinet surfaces.
  • Re-install controls.
  • Wire all controls to i-Pac and Opti-Pac, test controls.
  • Install TV on monitor shelf, secure.
  • Construct paper bezel for TV (from forum instructions).
  • Install plexiglass (tinted and clear?) in front of TV.
  • Install speakers in speaker holes.
  • Install light behind marquee.
  • Install marquee with marquee retainer.
  • Install extra speakers, if needed.
  • Install subwoofer in cabinet base.

Stage Three: Computer Hardware/Software

  • Mount motherboard in cabinet by mounting in slotted 2x2 pieces of wood.
  • Mount power-supply to cabinet interior.
  • Mount harddrive and enclosure within cabinet.
  • Install additional ventilation- top and back of cabinet.
  • Install 4-port home-connect-style multimedia ports with ethernet jack in rear of cabinet (any other wiring?).
  • Drill/cut hole for single external power cord.
  • Install Fedora Core 2.
  • Install MAME packages.
  • Test-play system for kicks.  ;)
  • Set-up front end and fancy boot process.
  • … ?
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