Just bought a circular saw today in preparation for building the MAME cabinet.  The guys at Rona/Revy are nice enough to explain the basics of cutting and the pieces I’ll need. 

My plan of attack so far is:

  1. Cut all of the required pieces of wood (from the plans I’m using)
  2. Draw out the control panel layout from my sketches
  3. Purchase required control panel electronics
  4. Assemble control panel and test with regular PC
  5. Paint, add T-channel edging to all other wood pieces
  6. Assemble the rest of the cabinet pieces
  7. Attach control panel to cabinet
  8. Figure out computer and TV bits to make it a real, working cabinet

So far, I’m still waiting for myself to finish step 1.  This is the hard part - making sure I still have ten fingers to play games with afterwards.  I’m going to have to record my receipts somewhere so I can accurately total how much this cabinet cost.

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