I’ve been tossing the idea of building a MAME cabinet around in my head for a while and I’m getting close to decided whether to do it or not this summer.  I’m hoping that with enough planning, it should be a smooth enough project for me to complete during the warm months here in Calgary.

I’m planning on starting my design with the “LuSID’s Arcade Flashback” plans.  You get an idea of what this cabinet will look like on Russ Prince’s site.  It won’t be identical, but the general shape should be the same.  Since I work best with visuals (I couldn’t get a sense of scale from the design or photos of similar cabinets), I’ve mocked up what the cabinet would look like with two average size adults.  It’s a fair bit smaller than I thought, but will likely fit in the space I’m planning for it.

I’m hoping to plan, from construction to finishing to software, all of the necessary components and tools that I’ll need.  If I’m prepared, I shouldn’t have any trouble when it comes to building the thing itself.

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