Three interesting places I’ve found for purchasing arcade-quality controls:

Right now, I’m investigating various control-to-USB converters. 

Happ Controls has the “USB Game Control Interface” for US$185.  This interface can convert two 8-way joysticks, six buttons for each joystick, a three-button trackball, a couple of start select buttons and some coin counters.  It looks like it would do everything I’m looking for, but the price is pretty steep.

Ultimarc has the I-PAC (US$69) and the Opti-PAC (US$44).  These are for button-to-keypress and optical-to-usb-mouse conversion, respectively.  It also has the cool feature of mapping keyboard LED lights externally.  I’m not certain what MAME supports, but it would be cool to get the weapons truck light to flash in Spy Hunter.

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