The nprof 0.8 alpha release is now available. Changes in this version are:

  • Basic ASP.NET profiling - note: ASP.NET must be running as SYSTEM!
  • Profile run message display
  • Detection and graceful handling of failed profiling runs
  • New icons for application and successful project run
  • Drag-and-drop of executables to the project tree (Josh)

To profile your ASP.NET application:

  1. Ensure that ASP.NET is configured to run as the SYSTEM account in machine.config
  2. Create a new project, select ASP.NET as the project type
  3. Select “Start project run” from the project menu
  4. Load your site’s page from a browser
  5. Ensure that the profiler has connected to aspnet_wp.exe in the messages list
  6. Perform your tasks to profile
  7. Click the “Stop Run” button in nprof


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