I’ve been playing around with Fedora Core 2’s Cyrus IMAP a bit and discovered the cyrus-imapd-nntp package.  This lets you export a shared IMAP folder via NNTP.  The cool part about this is that it’s a standard IMAP folder, like every user’s INBOX and custom folders.

This means that to set up a newsgroup, you only need to run cyradm and enter the following commands:

cm netnews.some.newsgroup  
setacl netnews.some.newsgroup group:users post

Assuming you’ve added newsprefix: netnews to your imapd.conf, this will add a new newsgroup “some.newsgroup” and give everyone post permissions.

Cool, eh?

The tricky part for me was figuring out how to actually connect to the Cyrus administration tools.  The secret was the reset the password for the “cyrus” account and connect with cyradm -u cyrus --admin=login localhost.

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