I’ve decided it’s time to cut some of the so-called A-list bloggers from my daily reading list. The two that aren’t going to make the cut are Dave Winer and Robert Scoble.

Dave’s been on the chopping block for a while – the entries are pretty much just “OPML this” and “OPML that”. While I appreciate his evangelization efforts for RSS, OPML just doesn’t interest me in any way whatsoever.

Robert was interesting for a couple of days last week when he stopped his Google/Yahoo/Microsoft posts entirely (the so-called “non-GYM series”), but it didn’t last forever and now he’s back to spinning his wheels. At least he hasn’t mentioned the tablet PC for a bit. I just can’t bear to hear him talk about Windows Live for the next year until the next vaporware hype-fest starts.

Two down for now but I can probably get rid of a couple more.

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