My Typo installation has been busted for a while–  I decided I’d bite the bullet and install WordPress.  It’s pretty much the defacto standard for self-hosted blogs and it’s flexible enough for my needs.

This is the fourth iteration of my personal blog.  My first was a hand-crafted news page of posts (using pico and an AIX shell, nonetheless) before blogs were called blogs.

The second was managed using FogCreek’s CityDesk.  CityDesk is a great program for managing simple sites, but its lack of scripting and advanced content management features made it a pain to use.  It also took forever to republish my whole site over FTP.  I couldn’t tell you if the program has improved since I last used it a few years ago.

My third, as mentioned earlier, used the RoR-based Typo blog engine.  It was by far the coolest blog engine at the time, but it ran like crap on my hosted 1&1 website.  Not really anyone’s fault, mind you - having to reload the Ruby VM for every page is not a great solution.

Anyways, welcome to my fourth iteration of the blog on  I hope WordPress is a stable and fast platform.  I’ll be updating the theme to be less default-y over the next while, so bear with me.

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