It’s been a while since I last put any news on this page, so I thought I’d do a quick update:

  • Number one priority for me is getting nprof building with NAnt. This makes it easier for me to release new versions, and less likely to put them off. :)
  • Number two priority is fixing some of the numbers within the profiler that are supposed to be showing percentages, but are showing decimals instead.
  • Number three priority is fixing the VS.NET integration once and for all. When I first wrote the code, I didn’t really understand how to do it properly. I think I’ll still go for launching VS.NET windows externally, but I might switch to an external process call to get around some of the strange focus issues.
  • Other priorities are currently undecided. Feel free to send your input.

There’s been some external developer interest in the project as well. I’ll let everyone know if we pick up some extra development hands.

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