Just to keep those reading the front-page news up to date, 0.9 is in development and should be out once we’ve finishing implementing and polished up some of the neat new features that will be in this release:

  • Josh’s awesome new ListView control - including, but not limited to:
    • quickfiltering
    • custom and multi-line headers
    • column reordering
    • generally nicer look than before
  • Project loading/saving (also courtesy of Josh)
  • Ashwin’s back/forward navigation code
  • A new toolbar (hasn’t been started yet, but needs to go into 0.9)

There are two known bugs that I’m hoping to get fixed for 0.9 as well:

  • Profiling on SMP systems may be buggy
  • Profiling an application that spawns another .NET application kills the profiler

Once these are done, we’ll ship 0.9 and start on the long slog to 1.0. The last remaining project goal for 1.0 is the profiler run snapshot capability. It’s certainly one of the bigger items in the roadmap, but one of the most important to take nprof to the base level of most commercial profilers.

After 1.0 is out the door, we’ll be looking for goals for the 2.0 release! Feel free to drop by the developer’s list and place your input.

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