UPDATE: x0rfbserver has disappeared from the web.  No worries, however, as x11vnc is an excellent replacement.

I’ve just discovered the joy of x0rfbserver.  I always had trouble understanding why the unix VNC’s wouldn’t allow exporting of a pre-existing X session.  With x0rfbserver, you can export your existing X session to another computer.  This is how WinVNC works under Win32 - it’s handy in certain cases when you don’t own a KVM switch.

You’ll need to install the xclass and rfb rpms.  I couldn’t find any for RedHat, but the Connectiva i386 ones worked like a charm.

Note: After using it for a few hours, it seems like it can be a bit crashy at times.  I have an SSH window open that I use to restart it on the other machine.  I’m still hooked!

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