After some playing around with various bits in System.Windows.Forms, I’ve managed to pretty much eliminate the graphical glitches in the .NET control hosting plugin.

The only thing left is some strange WM_ERASEBKGND/WM_PAINT messages that seem to be coming out of nowhere.  Whenever I resize the browser I get a subtle flicker on some controls - it’s almost like the entire control has been invalidated by something.  Perhaps the Gecko plugin hosting window is doing this to force a refresh on any plugins.

Here’s another screenshot for fun:

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I managed to get my .NET plugin wrapper for Firefox working just now.  I can get a .NET UserControl to show up embedded in an HTML page through Firefox.

Next step - hook up the <object> tag to download arbitrary .NET assemblies and run them as UserControls (with security of course).

Check it out!

The only issue I’m dealing with right now is that there’s lots of flicker as the control is overwritten by Mozilla (for some reason).  It’s almost like I’m supposed to be clipping the paint messages, but I don’t know enough right now about the event system to solve this.  I worked around it by forcing an invalidation on a WM_PAINT message.

It could be related to the interaction between the UserControl and Mozilla itself- perhaps the control is leaking some messages to its parent that shouldn’t be being sent.

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RSS (and Atom) should come with an acceptable use flag that lets me tell people that it’s okay to syndicate my blog posts in full.

For future reference, it’s okay to quote or aggregate any of my posts, even in full.

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I started applying the T-moulding to the edges of the cabinet today.  It took a little while to figure out the right height for the router but it goes quickly once you’ve got it set right.

I managed to cut the moulding slot too high or too low in a few places - I’m using “No More Nails” to hold it in.  If this doesn’t work I’ll probably try picking up a hot glue gun (a suggestion I saw elsewhere).

I’m pretty close to getting the cabinet sides attached (once the rest of the shelving supports are in).  This should be a virtual milestone for myself - it’s tough to see the pieces lying around unassembled for so long.

UPDATE: Looks like I’ll need a glue gun after all.  Home Depot, here I come!

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