Well, Merry Christmas all. I wish you a happy holiday and a great new year. I should have the next version of Identd up on the site within a few days. I’m just getting out of finals mode right now.

As a sidenote, if you’re looking for something to do over the holidays, check out two of the comic pages I read regularily:

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I’ve discovered a snippet of HTML that freezes IE 4.0 solid (but not Netscape) on my Windows ‘98 machine.


If you’re brave, you can take a look at it here. Those who do try it, please email me ASAP with your browser name/version and whether it froze or not.

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Take a look at my first full POV-Ray scene. I could probably add some stuff to this one, but I think I’ll try applying the huge amount I learned to something else. If you have any comments, I’d really like to hear them. I’d like to start work on learning how to make better textures and materials. You can also take a look at a neat water scene I put together (or the second version).

BTW, Andrew Clinton has what I consider to be one of the most beautiful renderings on his page. You can see the image or go to his gallery page.

As for the next release of Identd (missing a single CR+LF after the ident response – only trips up a few programs), it should be ready soon. I want to get the documentation fixed up first, and I need to change the main program bitmap to read v1.4 instead of v1.3. :)

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Thanks to help from Chris Dillon, I’ve found some places where Identd can be improved when used with an NT network. There are some new features that should make administration a little easier.

You might find that calling the undocumented /GOSERVICE command from a UNC path can cause big problems. It seems that Windows doesn’t load the entire program into memory, so when you log out and back on again, it tries to somehow reload the other parts of the executable and craps out. I’ve added a new, documented, /INSTALL switch which should fix all this. Look forward to v1.4 in a few days.

The bug can be reproduced with the following sequence of actions:

(logout, login)
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